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Ching’s Hakka Noodles are perfect to satiate those desi chow mein cravings at home, enabling you to whip up a yummy platter of veg noodles in a jiffy.

The Veg Hakka Noodles by Ching’s Secret are prepared hygienically, using advanced technology, so that each strand maintains its form without getting mushy after being cooked. The easy to cook noodles are 100% vegetarian with the perfect texture after cooking that retains more flavour on the surface to send your taste buds in overdrive.

Make mouth-watering Hakka noodles at home with Ching’s Secret Veg Hakka Noodles stir-fried with your favourite veggies and sprinkled with Ching’s Chow mein Hakka Noodle Masala for the extra punch.

Suitable For Vegetarians

Easy To Cook

Non-Sticky, Best Quality Noodles

Add Stir Fried Vegetables, Fried Eggs, Seafood, Chicken Or Lamb For Extra Flavour


Manufactured By: Capital Food PVT Ltd, Mumbai, India

Product Of: India