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Parachute Coconut oil is India’s No.1 coconut oil that contains the goodness of 100% pure coconut oil. It is made from naturally sun-dried coconuts sourced from the finest farms of our country. The oil is extracted from the nuts through a meticulous hands-free process. It goes through a 5 stage purification process and as many as 27 quality tests are performed on the oil so that each bottle that reaches you is 100% pure.


  • 100% pure coconut oil.
  • Made with the finest hand-picked and naturally sun-dried coconuts.
  • Can be used for cooking, hair care and on the skin.
  • Untouched by hand- goes through 27 quality tests and 5 stage purification process – for 100% purity every time.
  • Unique tamper-proof seal- the seal of trust.
  • Contains no added preservatives or chemicals.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Natural Unrefined Coconut Oil

Manufactured By: Marico Ltd, India

Produced In: India