Welcome to the Taj Stores

We store only the freshest foods and ingredients

Whatever your catering needs, you can be sure to find it at the Taj Stores, with hundreds of items from countries such as Bangladesh, India, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Greece, Lebanon, Jamaica ........

Founded in 1936, Taj Stores is one of the oldest international grocers in the UK. Situated on Brick Lane, Taj Stores has a long tradition in serving the local community of London with only the finest quality seasonal produce, flown daily from Bangladesh.

Taj Stores are also the suppliers of quality goods, fresh food produce and spices to Retailers, Wholesalers, Shipping Agents, Caterers and the General Public, throughout London.

We take great pride in being able to provide uncompromising quality of food, and service at an economical price.

Our range of Fresh Fruits, Herbs and Vegetables are extensive. We take pride in our ability to offer shoppers of all backgrounds a wide selection of fresh exotic Fruits and Vegetables from all continents throughout the four seasons at very reasonable prices.

Taj Stores offers you a huge selections of freshly prepared food products from the world palate, for example, items such as Nan breads, Prawn crackers, Pitta-breads, samosa to delicious exotic sweets, beverages and much more........

Halal Meat...We stock a wide range of fresh, quality Halal Meat including Lamb, Mutton, Beef, Deer and Poultry all of which is cut and prepared to your requirement. (Also available boneless lamb for Trade Customers.)

Fresh Fish...We stock a wide range of fish from throughout the world, including Bengali Fish.

We regularly supply the local Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants as well the the local Asian community.